New album ‘Bound’ out now!

Laura-Beth Salter and I released our first duo album recently!  You can get your copy from our Bandcamp page at

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‘Bound’ from Jenn and Laura-Beth – “… an album of elegance and flair”

(February 24, 2017)


There’s one album that you really should take time to hear, because it’s an utterly absorbing experience and you’ll love every minute … the debut album from Jenn and Laura-Beth, called ‘Bound’. With a folk pedigree forged by the Glasgow folk music community, involving a mix of folk from the UK, Scandinavia and America, their individual stories involve Jenn Butterworth with Anna Massie Band, Songs of Separation, Phil Cunningham and Fiddler’s Bid and Laura-Beth Salter with The Shee, Shooglenifty and The MacLean Project.

Primarily, with ‘Bound’ you’re hearing a clear bond between two excellent musicians, both musically and vocally. Musically there’s an intoxicating, seamless weave that intertwines the music, vocally the connection is equally engrossing with voices blending and interlacing. The empathy between Jenn and Laura-Beth is so obvious it’s palpable … there’s little doubt that only a deep-seated kinship could have created this sound.

‘Bound’ mixes self-penned originals with reimagined arrangements and splendidly accomplished covers … from Jenn’s ‘Than Hall’s’ and ‘The Belle of the Ball’ to Laura-Beth’s ‘Shine’ and ‘The Braver One’, they also include Boo Hewerdine’s ‘Wings on My Heels’ and Mindy Smith’s ‘Come To Jesus’ and a captivating take on Kate Wolfe’s ‘The Great Divide’ … in its entirety an album of elegance and flair.

The breath-taking ‘Bound’ is created by Jenn Butterworth (guitar, vocals) and Laura-Beth Salter (mandolin, vocals).

Review:  Tim Carroll