I play a Martin D-41 Standard Series Sunburst guitar.



My pickup is a Mimesis Kudos, made by Mike Vanden.  It has a TRS out, that splits into 2 jacks – pickup & mic.  I run both though a Grace Felix 2-channel pre-amp to add a bit of EQ, boost both signals simultaneously and add effects through the insert point.

The rest of my pedal board currently consists of:

Roland TM-2 (stomp)
Strymon Big Sky
Grace Felix (pre-amp)
Turbo Tuner by Sonic Research
Sub-n-up Nano by TC Electronic
Murder One killswitch (mute for octave pedal)
Freeze by EHX (infinite sustain)



I use Elixir Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb 13’s, and sometimes 12-56.



I currently switch between Dunlop Tortex .73 (yellow) triangles and teardrops, Wegen TF-100 (although I have a .73 and an .83), and Bluechip TD-30s.