Jenn Learns Fiddle

Dec 2019:  Welcome to my fiddle blog!  I bought a new fiddle in late 2018 hoping it’d kick start my playing again.  I made a blog, learned some new tunes, then I had the most amazing but crazy schedule of a year.  Finally, I have a couple of days off to spend a bit more time on my fiddle playing, and I can’t believe it’s December 2019.

Late 2018:  I’ve picked up the fiddle again after a long time, and I’m trying to improve my playing and blogging about it at the same time.  Here are some handy headings to help you navigate around the blog:


My Early Life as a Fiddle Player
A bit of background about how I ended up here.

Areas of Improvement
My big aims, tricky things I’m noticing and hopefully in time some useful tips from other fiddle players.

‘Jenn Learns Fiddle’:  Tunes and Videos
I’m recording a video each day I can manage to my YouTube Channel, learning new tunes and if I have permission, uploading the sheet music in case anyone else wants to learn it too.


Handy Practice Apps:

When I’m practicing, I like to use a drone to check my tuning, and a drum machine to groove to (my guitar playing is all about the groove).  I downloaded a great app called AutoPad, which is great for IOS devices – there will be fab ones for Android too I’m sure.  Make sure you get one that can play in the background, so you can drone and play the drum machine too.  I use Drum Beats+, by Ninebuzz (available for IOS / Mac / Android).  It’s a little more expensive than other apps, but to be honest, it’s worth it for the amount of sheer groove enjoyment you’ll get from jamming with it.  There are so many different beats to choose from.  It’s particularly good for 4/4, but you’ll find 3/4 can work for slip jigs and there are some 6/8 and shuffle rhythms for jigs too.