February News:

I’m travelling around Brittany at the moment with amazing fiddle player Ryan Young, playing some lovely gigs and drinking a lot of really great wine. We’re back playing in the UK on 16th Feb, in Halifax.

Got some great stuff coming up this month. I have some gigs with new duo David Foley & Jack Smedley (RURA) in Croy Village Hall outside Inverness & Kirkcaldy. David and Jack have been writing some really great tunes, and I’ve been working with them on their live shows and on their forthcoming album. Keep an eye out for that over the coming months.

I have my first solo gig in a long time at Moniaive Guitar Festival. I’m a Dumfries and Galloway girl, so it’s lovely to be playing this gig in my home region. I specialise in folk accompaniment, and don’t do a lot of self accompaniment, so I’ve taken an alternative route, and I’m working with a Boss RC-505 loop station to build some solo tracks – all parts will be played live though. Got some songs too, some oldies and some new finds. Looking forward to sharing them.

My 2nd year Conservatoire students are performing their showcase gig in RCS on 21st Feb – they’re such a lovely bunch of people, and really fantastic performers. Do come along and see what they’ve been getting up to. The gig is at 7:30pm in the Ledger Recital Room.

On 28th Feb, my partner in crime Laura-Beth Salter and I are playing a gig at the Spott Community, East Lothian. We haven’t managed to do so many gigs recently as we’ve been working really hard with Kinnaris Quintet and our other projects. It’s going to be lovely to perform some of our duo material again.

On the final day of February I’m heading to Belper with Ross Ainslie and Ali Hutton. I love visiting Belper, Andy Inns runs some really fantastic gigs, and it’s always great to hang out with Andy, Lynne and Bob & Mia. We have a great wee tour coming up through March, some of the gigs will be the trio, and for others we’ll be joined by the fantastic Paul Jennings who is an excellent drummer, photographer, YouTuber and generally great guy to be on the road with. Ross and Ali are both incredible musicians, it’s always a pleasure joining them on stage.

Of course amidst all this, I’m also working at the Conservatoire, teaching at Glasgow Fiddle Workshop and performing in Bar Bloc with the Blas Collective.

Coming soon:

March: Ross Ainslie & Ali Hutton tour, gigs in Skye with Kinnaris Quintet & Ryan Young, and gigs and workshops at the British Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar Federation festival in Edinburgh with Laura-Beth Salter.

April: Gigs with David Foley & Jack Smedley & a tour of England with Ryan Young.

May: Will Pound’s ‘A Day Will Come’ tour, Shepley Spring festival with Kinnaris Quintet and Walton Festival with Laura-Beth Salter.

Three new albums coming soon: David Foley & Jack Smedley // Ryan Young with Jenn Butterworth // Will Pound ‘A Day Will Come – more details coming soon!