June 2016: Jenn & LB: New Album!

We’re recording an album!  At long last, Laura-Beth Salter and I have set about making our first duo record.  We’re working in Glasgow’s Carrier Waves studio, with Keir Long engineering and co-producing.  I’ve already worked in Carrier Waves on both Rachel Hair and Claire Hastings’ albums; it’s a great place to be creative in.

Last week, we spent three days in the studio laying down most of the tracks – we’re recording a mix of instrumental sets and songs, just the two of us, with a really live and organic sound.  Tomorrow we’re heading back in to hopefully finish recording, then we’ll be on to scheduling our mixing and mastering!  This coming Sunday we’re meeting with photographer Seth Tinsley to take some photos and organise our artwork – you might know Seth from his performances in The Elephant Sessions and Tyde.  He took a few photos of Laura-Beth and I while we were hanging out backstage at Speyfest a few years ago, and we loved them, so we’re really glad he’s agreed to work with us.

We’re hoping to have the album out by late summer / early autumn, depending on how long it takes us to mix it.  Pre-orders will be available in the near future, keep an eye on our Facebook page or our Twitter feed for the most up-to-date news.