March & April News

Well, there have been some huge changes since my last news post. The situation with COVID-19 has meant the cancellation of all performance work, and a huge chunk of teaching. So, I’ve found myself with lots of time in the house, and I’ve been working hard to move my performance and teaching work as online as I can manage! It’s nice to have these distractions while everything is in such upheaval.

In the short term, I’m still teaching for the Conservatoire and we’re developing ways to continue teaching the students online. For my other teaching work, I’m developing a bunch of online guitar lessons and performance videos for my Patreon page, and in the background I’m collaborating with musician friends on projects that are hopefully keeping us happy and entertained.

If you’re interested in following my regular ‘performance’ work, or interested in some guitar lessons, you can sign up to my Patreon page or follow me on all the social media channels!